Show Notes for Episode 5

These show notes were compiled through the research of our intern Vanessa Morales, who took a deep dive into how racial identity affects classroom participation.

Web links:

Feeling Like Imposters (Inside Higher Ed)

Thine Ice: Stereotype Threat and Black College Students (The Atlantic)

Stereotype Threat Widens the Achievement Gap (APA)

Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Classroom (University of Arizona)

PDF files:

Microaggression and Academic Success

Critical race theory, racial microaggressions, and campus racial climate

Racial microaggressions and the Asian American experience.

Tool: Recognizing Microaggressions and the Messages They Send

Show Notes for Episode 2

Deliberate Practice Readings

Freakonomics has their own take on this discussion in their episode “How To Become Great At Almost Anything”

Or, check out this video on Deliberate Practice by Sprouts, an educational YouTube channel that uses animation to explain academic theories.

There is a broad array of literature on the examination of the brains of London Cabbies. To name a few, The Scientific AmericanThe BBC, National Center for Biotechnology Information, and Wired have substantial articles to aid your reading.